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The downs and ups of December

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 2:51 am Written by:

Not much product occurred in the rest of December. The Julian and Becka household experienced an episode of what was possibly swine-flu, which was going around the Northwest at the time. This was particularly frustrating for some people who wanted to go caving on some long sought after trips.

Becka slowly recovered over the course of the first week, then had a sudden relapse just before we were due to see the end of year show put on by the local pole-dancing class over in the fifth floor attic of the warehouse opposite the Cains brewery. This city keeps giving me surprises. I went on my own and brought back some sleazy-looking videos.

Things got a bit better over the next three days, enough for a rare Sunday stroll into town. There was that chandelier ride that we often saw spinning on the horizon. Now was our chance to have a go. It rose up as soon as I sat down without giving me time to zip up my jacket. Becka was white-knuckled for the duration. Those wires and attachments didn’t look convincing enough to us.

We also discovered another odd business in Bold Street involving fish and feet, as well as a cafe around the corner that advertised three different pancake breakfasts, but could do only one of them because they couldn’t source the right sort of flour.

Then it was on to a family Xmas in Cambridge, returning up north on the 27 ready to catch up on some caving in icy cold Yorkshire.

Not coincidentally, this was exactly the place where I began the year of 2010 with the most remarkably bad hangover that lasted until 6pm on New Years day. This year I said No to Tom’s dodgy mulled home-made apple scrumpy and any other equally evil products, and kept my head.

I whinged about the caving as usual, being made to survey parts of Count Lazlo in Notts II. Something was not right in my guts. What’s the worst that could happen? Luckily there was a very fast flowing clean streamway in the cave. Whilst I was washing things out, my wellington boot was swept away. This was fitting as I had once used a boot to carry something out of a dry section of Swildon’s short round many years ago.

Now it’s back to work, rotating through my many projects of Scraperwiki, HSMWorks, Tunnel, FOI bothering, and other even more interesting projects that don’t yet have names.

This is no time to go to bed.

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