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Catchup of caving again

Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 11:10 pm Written by:

How far behind am I with everything? Too far behind.

And caving trips keep somehow happening.

This is Saturday 29 January in Notts II on the day we got a lot of help building a wood store.

On Sunday morning the connecting survey trip between Large Pot and Rift was planned. On the wall behind is our Ireby survey.

The trip was way to muddy to take a camera on, involving a filthy wet duck connecting the caves known as the Mousetrap. It was thought to be 15m long. Actually it was only 5metres according to the laser beam disto measurement that was zapped above the water in the narrow air space.

I’m the one without the beard in the sensible wetsuit that confers caving superpowers — at least until I wear it out.

The following weekend there was a People’s Parade in the rain. A march against cuts, which ended up with a rally in the Anglican Cathedral, music by the Socialist Singers, and sermons by various Union Branch General Secretary Generals, plus Tony Benn (to whom one member of the audience shouted “Resign from the Labour Party” among other things, before being helped to depart).

This town is its own caricature, which is why it’s great. Come the revolution, all these quaint ceremonies will suddenly become a matter of survival, like the hobby of kayaking when the floods come through.

Saturday 12 February I spent the whole day in Clive’s house programming while sitting in his armchair. (Becka was caving.)

Then Sunday was a mass trip down the new NottsII entrance called Cup Cake. The original plan of a through trip from Voldemort was scratched owing to the extremely wet weather.

To celebrate the event, tea and cupcakes were served, just before we got into the really squalid last bit called the Horse Trough in Count Lazlo Crawl, which I have had the displeasure of surveying several months ago.

There’s no sign I’m going to be able to keep up with everything in the next few weeks, let alone FOIs, work, drawing maps up, and so on.

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