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Another couple of weeks go whoosh

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 at 4:17 pm Written by:

Photo dated 21 February, Bold Street, Liverpool. My dad getting his feet cleaned by fish.

Photo of pancake breakfast dated 23 February in the most excellent Jabberwocky Cafe, Douglas, Isle of Man. This place is right in the town centre close to the ferry terminal and I highly recommend it.

I was there by invite from the Positive Action Group to stir up some trouble concerning their (lack of a) Freedom of Information Act. The guy in charge got me booked for two radio interviews at two different stations.

Here are the slides from my talk:

The following day I got a tour round the Tynwald. These are the Yes and No vote buttons for the Members of the House of Keys:

I caught the late ferry back to Heysham, cycled by Brompton to Lancaster, stayed the night at Becka’s parent’s house and got back to Liverpool in time to…

… head off for more caving on Saturday the 26th. The plan was for some surveying of Large Pot. Instead, as it was too rainy, we surveyed up some pitchy inlet in Notts II whose name escapes me.

The fixed ropes were fine until you got up to the top and saw how rusty the anchors were.

Becka then cleared off to China on Wednesday 2 March for a month.

I saw Richard Stallman give his stump speech in Preston the following day and do everything he can to keep raising money for the Free Software Foundation.

I have worked too long on some data visualizations I’m no good at doing, and am now wasting the weekend.

It’s grey outside. I tried to burn all the hedge hackings that have been strewn around the garden for the last month and failed. I am now experiencing a case of full-blown February blues.

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