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Quick trip round the cols

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 at 6:45 am Written by:

When we first moved into this apartment 10 days ago (we have one day left *sob*), the landlord saw our bikes on the back of the car and invited us for a quick tour round the Col de Marie-Blanc, which was the first significant col to happen on our Raid Pyrenees in 2006.

We suggested probably not. For him it was a quick 2 hour work out. For us, when we did it on 17 July, it was a four and a half hour slog that would not have been entertaining to keep down with. We did it in the east-west direction, thus avoiding these very sharp sections on the way up.

It was rather rainy, which good weather for dopey salamanders on the road.

The following day we somehow had to do the other longer circuit up to Col du Soulor, along the circ and over the Col d’Aubisque — a route which I pointed out on the map as an attraction to staying in Laruns, in spite of the fact that we had unintentionally already gone most of the way up it to watch the Tour-de-France.

This excuse didn’t wash.

Afterwards I sat on my butt and did an insane amount of programming of the back end of ScraperWiki, as evidenced by this changeset.

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