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Going up the hill

Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 1:33 pm Written by:

I’ve been on CUCC Austria Expo for 2 weeks and not been up the hill once. Have been doing survey drawing up from things in crayon from as long ago as 1990 from before we used computers bears no relation to the centreline measurements. I mean, look at the state of this:

Artistic license is required. I am pioneering the idea of printing out parts of the survey to take into the cave for correction against facts underground.

There’s a going lead in 161.

It’s the not yet drawn part on the right that is just a centreline. The target on the left (past the scruffy cave known as Hauchohle) is an area in 204 called Pussy Prance, explored by Team Zeus in 2009 — the noisy girlies. They are all here again on expo in 2011, making such an unbelievable high pitched screaming racket in the potato hut after the expo dinner last night that Hilde had to come over the road at half past eleven and tell us to shut up. The drinking, involving 2 litre bottles of 99 cent tramp fuelGluhwein, was still ongoing at 8 in the morning. One of them has to drive back to England today — after fetching her gear from the top of the hill. That’s hard.

I’m taking it easy. I’ve discovered zero alcohol lager that I can alternate with real beer to keep my stomach full and my head clear.

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