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Pierre Saint Martin utterly flooded

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 1:21 pm Written by:

Our next engagement in July after Laruns was to join the Northern Penine Club on their holiday to do a very famous huge through trip that all of my friends have done.

First task was to cycle up the col while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Then move to the correct end of the campsite.

There were other caving clubs there from the week before who failed due to too much rain.

The NPC trip was well organized. Here are the numbered bags of rope to rig the pitches going down from the top entrance.

Then it rained even more than the week before.

Follow the plan anyway and made the bottom end trip into salle de la Verna and saw it lit up for the tourists. Then we got lost for 3 hours in the bottom by being attracted by the lights of a team of Spaniards were looking into another passage.

This was fortunate because otherwise we might have reached and got past a particular wading spot in the roaring river before the water levels rose.

After this, we decided to leave early and move on to our next caving engagement.

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