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Did not see that coming

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 1:15 pm Written by:

As it says:

Vero Software and Planit Holdings Merge, form Third-Largest CADCAM Vendor

The Planit Group offers its software products globally under the Edgecam, Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, CabnetWare, Javelin and Radan brands.

Vero focuses on plastic injection moulds, sheet metal stamping dies, multi-axis milling, laser cutting and wire EDM, offering its software products globally under the VISI, PEPS, Machining Strategist and SMIRT brands.

The combination of Vero and Planit creates the third largest CADCAM vendor — only behind Dassault Systèmes and Siemens PLM, according to the companies. The merger of the two organisations will provide the platform to build stronger products through significantly enhanced development capabilities and further extend a growing influence on the global market, according to the company.

The merger has been funded by Battery Ventures (Boston, USA) who have been investing for more than 25 years in technology-driven companies and work hard with management to build their presence into global market leaders.

Never mind the branding, what will become of the software? I believe that Edgecam still has its own home-grown 3-axis kernal, as does Vero (from the NCGraphics Machining Strategist kernel).

Will one of them be discontinued and replaced by the other, or will there be an effort to merge the code (impossible) or at least salvage something by linking one on to the other as a library?

Like everyone else, Edgecam buys its 5-axis kernel from moduleworks, so no change there.

All that’s left is the user interface and other gubbins (eg post-processors). Very difficult to discontinue them and force users onto the other one.

It’s expensive and pointless (except in the very long term) to merge software products that have never been together. The expense was lost in duplicating the effort in the first place.

So, although what you can do with the software is all that should matter, this is going to be ruled by the finance guys, who work to a completely different model where one programmer is interchangeable with another.

Hopefully lots of financial statements will be disclosed in the process which may illustrate the curious extent of disconnect between the software development and the management that is usually present in these sort of businesses.

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  • 1. Whistle replies at 16th November 2011, 12:58 pm :

    And so Vero now begin to slowly break up Planit, starting with closing down the Head Office in Ashford and making core infrastructure, finance and senior management redundant! A little company with no experience trying to drive a big company, if I were a Planit customer – I’d be thinking twice about where the company will be in a years time.

  • 2. 5axes replies at 8th January 2013, 3:59 pm :

    Today’s Vero have annonced the acquisition of Sescoi, the French editor of the CAM product WorkNC and the ERP WorkPlan.

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