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No more camera again

Thursday, October 6th, 2011 at 11:11 am Written by:

I like taking my camera everywhere to record scenes, such as the CUCC club stand at the Hidden Earth cavers conference. (We don’t win the prize for presentation.) Usually there’s just a couple of posters of the latest Austria survey, if that. It’s a handy place to hang around while missing the talks.

This was two weekends ago.

Last weekend I tried to take the Saturday off and go to Wales for a dive in the Menai Straits. But 50 miles out the car’s front brakes were squealing. The tires were very hot and somewhat deflated. I think the brakes were slightly stuck on. We limped home late in the night. Anyway, I had to be in Liverpool for an impromptu scraperwiki hack day. Such is work.

On Monday I got an invite for a quickie kayak paddle on the Mersey. My camera was in a drybag wedged to the top of the bike pannier with my wetsuit. The whole bag fell off somewhere as I was cycling from Rock Ferry train station to the actual Rock Ferry (in the Wirral) and I never noticed.

Pretty dumb.

Now I’ve got yet another stupid underwater box for a camera I don’t have.

Still. It could have been worse. I could have drowned. And the car still works, assuming the garage can fix it today.

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