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North Wales caving weekend

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at 1:46 pm Written by:

I was robbed of another weekend of perfect weather — the last one for the year — when we should have gone out to sea, but instead we were going underground.

Wasn’t so bad in retrospect. But I was wistful with skies like this:

[Putting up the scaffolding for the winch into Pool Park Hole]

[Going down into the 100m shaft]

[The canals below the ladders near the entrance]

The rest of the cave is remarkably big, so was impossible to photograph with my new ostensibly cave-proof camera (economy version).

On Sunday we went down ODB to do a bit more digging. It’s the easiest sandy dry dig I have ever been in. The task was to fill small sandbags using a large candy scoop, manoeuvre them to the bottom of the slope and let them be hauled up on a tray — while getting told off by Becka for digging out the tunnel too big. Our team of seven made 2 metres of progress.

[A ventilation pipe operating from a car fan and battery takes air to the digging front for when we run out of breath]

Referring back to my blog I can confirm that I was digging in exactly this same place two years ago.

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