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The wrong wellies

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 4:04 pm Written by:

After a very wet New Year at Bull Pot Farm, there was a few days down in London at the EPS finding various things to do. In between I did a lot of coding on Scraperwiki’s dataproxy, converting it to twister.

This weekend was a final trip to Leck Fell doing the usual stuff before I get trucked off for three months to the US of A.

Saturday was a trip down Death’s Head Hole, which had recently been connected into the lower part of Lost John’s Cave main drain below the lake ducks. Surveying.

One slight error was I had packed one of Becka’s wellies instead of my own, so I had a bit of trouble fitting my right foot into it.

Cheezy above-ground Leck Fell photo by the car.

Entrance to Death’s Head Hole with Leck Fell Farm in the background.

The amazingly engineered dug shaft that was excavated through the boulder choke to make the new connection.

This is by Dave’s new dig in the lower Lost John’s streamway only half an hour in from the new entrance without getting wet.

Just as we finished surveying past the deep canals (having sprinted up the length to Boxhead junction to warm up), Mr Cavemaps ambled by on one of his solo trips. That’s the third time he’s found us by pure coincidence during a survey trip, though the odds are not as crazy as they should be owing to the fact that we tend to survey in the vicinity of connections, and he likes to check them out whenever he hears of one. Shows we are in the right place.

Sunday was without camera. Becka went surveying in Large Pot Red Herring series, while I lead a party of four to Sera Blanco dig in Ireby 2 with a bag of 20 small sand bags to try out North Wales digging technology on this particular sandy dig. It worked well. Once the digging face was opened out to hands and knees space (wormholing bad) it was possible to fill them in short order using the short shovel and stack them up. Then we were all kept very busy hauling them out on drag trays. We shifted 32 sacks of sand. The place is all ready for the next Grand Day Out, which I will miss.

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