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Underwater Rugby in the East

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 at 6:18 pm Written by:

I got out on Saturday before my nasty travel-induced cold really took hold and laid me low. I was not surprised to find that most of the Underwater Rugby players round here are Columbian. One of them gave me a lift up to East Haven, Connecticut, which was a 3 hour drive north and then east. In spite of the huge population and development around New York, there are very few pools that they can play the game in. This pool was on a back street behind a school. It was a turn-out-the-lights-when-you-leave affair. The team coach was funny. Before the game he was like “It doesn’t matter how many points the other side scores, as long as you’re learning to play.” After the other team began to score, then the real strong critical coaching began. If it’s just you up against the goalee there is no excuse not to score. There’s a technique to levering them off the basket which inevitably caused me to bang my head against the pool wall. Quality entertainment. More like this please.

Have been working night and day (when not trying to rest) finishing off various webscraping duties. Must get moving on. A three day transcontinental train ride beckons. I have it in my tiny mind to move on to SolidWorksWorld. Why, I don’t know. Plans can always change.

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