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St Louis rules

Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 12:42 am Written by:

Too tired to do any blogging and stuff, esp after this nicar event. I’m going to try and upload some processed pictures and get going.

Here’s from outside Union Station (they’re all called “Union Station”) in Kansas City (which is not in Kansas). It is a very fine station, except the access to the half dozen trains a day is along a concrete catwalk bolted on the side of the building between it and the multistory carpark. Clearly not the way it was envisaged originally.

As it was a train change I had an hour to cross the road to the very large and odd WW1 war memorial with these winged sphinxes covering their faces.

At the end of one of the presentations the speaker told us that we absolutely must go to the City Museum because it was the sort of place you would not believe could exist.

It was perfect for cavers. And, being quite dark in the cave area with the Gormenghast-like 10 storey slide and interlocking spiral staircases, none of my photos could show it. I remain utterly astonished that I did not thwack my head once, so there must be some magical method in their madness.

Pretty much the whole of the city seemed to be in the Museum. At least all the children in city. The place was utterly heaving. There are these hamster tubes leading right up into the sky onto the wings of a suspended aircraft. It was beautifully crazy.

All day I was wondering how could enough people in one town ever think it was a good idea to build something like this out of welded metal for people to crawl around in? Then in the afternoon three of us went to the Gateway Arch and rode the washing-machine-drum-on-a-wire tram to the top, which at that point is a triangular tube rammed full of people experiencing a perceptible swaying motion in the wind.

Train ride to San Francisco tomorrow. Actually one train, a bus and then the California Zephir all the way to the end. Here we go again.

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