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In SF and must get to work

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at 12:12 am Written by:

Things coming together here in San Francisco. I could easily live here, moreso than I could in New York.

After several good days in Vallejo with RR, have begin to acquaint myself with the scene. The WebGL art hack weekend was fortunately all booked out, as I do quite enough hacking as it is, but went to the presentations at the end of the hacking to see what this new WebGL could do. It looks pretty hard. It seems to utilize this mysterious pixel plotting language, which I am extremely embarrassed to never heard about. What a lot of homework I have to catch up on now!

Have now set up shop in Mark’s house.

We dropped in on Noisebridge (see picture below), which is San Francisco’s somewhat more advanced version of DOeS Liverpool. You can think of it this way: they’ve got Silicon Valley, and we have Silicon Roundabout.

Got to get to work on something productive before the day is through. Too much. Too much!

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