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Santa Monica sunshine

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 at 8:18 am Written by:

Well, there was quite a bit of rain on Saturday, two days ago. Here are some photographs from out of the camera.

The San Francisco electric bus depot

Coming in to Bakersfield on the Amtrak, before catching the bus to Union Station. I then walked for a couple of miles through Downtown LA with all my possessions on my back to catch the 722 bus. Then I looked at this crime mapper which suggested it had not been a very good idea.

I like the trees in Santa Monica

The annual LA marathon showed up yesterday. This guy must have signed up early. He is runner#1

The view of the finish line is blocked off from spectators, for some reason.

The organizers are ready to issue mylar capes to everyone who gets to the finish line, along with their plastic medals.

This marathon had 23,000 entrants, hence these Family Reunion bus stops.

Train to Washington DC on Saturday. Much stuff to do before then.

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