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Mill pond conditions in Liverpool Bay

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 11:33 pm Written by:

Quick afternoon trip out on The Marlin into Liverpool Bay yesterday in stunning conditions and only 2 divers on the boat.

First dive was on the wreck of the SS Letty. It was a bit currenty. I made it to the buoy, while the other guy just missed it. Cosmo drove round and towed him by a rope up current for a while before he let go too early and missed it again. Third time lucky. I was still roasting in my drysuit, even waiting in the water for 15 minutes, having put on too many layers. Better that than to be too cold, for a change. I couldn’t swim upcurrent enough to slacken the line, but I could swim and pull myself with less force on it than had I simply hauled. I decided it was better to do that right away than to have two of us hanging on the rope in the current, dragging the shot along the seabed to a point miles away from the wreck. This was a mistake as the other guy’s kit had been dislodged due to all the towing and it took a long time for him to get sorted out, while I waiting on the empty sea bed, then went searching for the wreck with my reel attached to the shot. Once I found it, I came back and waited until I saw his looming form. Then he disappeared having let go of the shotline when he saw me and got swept away. So I carried on my own. In the end I must have only had 10 minutes of looking around before running out of air. In general I don’t like solo diving because if you get caught up on something, like a fishing line or a bit of wreckage, you’re knackered because there’s nobody to help untangle it if you can’t reach it.

I’d taken my empty gopro box down with me to see if it could take the pressure without leaking.

I wore it on my forehead under my hood for the second dive on the the wreck of the PSS Lelia. It’s not got the proper underwater box, so the pictures were blurry. But it clearly is the way forward.

As you can see from the video, I waste a lot of time taking exceptionally crap photos, like this of a Dog Fish:

Or this of a Butter Fish:

The purpose of my photos, I tell myself, is to help me remember the dive so I can more effectively reminisce over it in the dry years later. In practice they don’t really succeed in that purpose because they are too out of context.

For example, this was the lobster I picked up and waved around:

I would have no recollection of the episode had I not captured the footage and watched it again on video. I didn’t video us failing to get the anchor up afterwards, then tying the line to the boat and driving it until it broke off when one of us should have thought of sending it up by the lifting bag and could have.

For avoidance of doubt, no lobsters were killed, cooked or eaten. But if they are so dippy as to let someone as useless as me to pick them up, then they’ve got to learn to be more cautious. I had the remains of my Gorgonzola sandwiches and a large oily tin of vine leaves stuffed with rice for dinner while waiting for the boat to drive back and enter the lock gates at 9:30pm. And I still had a horrible headache that night and the next morning. Maybe it was the sun, although it did rain later.

From the improbability department: I gave a presentation of my web scraping technology at the Made:startup weekend in Preston on Saturday, missed the last train home by a minute, shared a taxi back to Southport where I stayed the night. Then caught the train back home in the morning via a rail replacement bus to Moorfields station which required me to walk past the Liverpool Empire Theatre on my way to Lime Street to pick up my bike, which meant I spotted the advert for very improbable The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy live radio show that I have come back from this evening before publishing this blogpost.

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  • 1. Djuke replies at 26th June 2012, 12:13 pm :

    WOW! Looks absolutely stunning Julian, I have got to start doing some diving! Any recommendations for good wetsuit (stores / online)? I’m now talking about canyoning again 🙂

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