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Vintage hang-gliding slides

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 at 1:21 pm Written by:

Found some very old slides from around 1991 in reasonably poor shape from when I originally did hang-gliding as a student.

This one looks like it’s from Austria, though either it wasn’t reported or typed up from the Expo 1991 logbook. It is a caving expedition, after all, so this kind of thing is irrelevant on the matter of how people find out who did what where, when they want to know why they are planning to explore an old area. The logbook is able to explain that it wasn’t done properly and needs another look
(eg people were fed up, tired and miserably cold from the draught — which as any fool knows is an indication of further cave passage.)

The glider was an Airwave Magic IV in tasteful colours.

This one looks like a dusty run down some slope in Spain.

I got off on only three hang-gliding jaunts to Europe in my time. That’s where it’s at. I should do more of them.

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