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Expo wins again

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 at 2:01 pm Written by:

A fine institution carries on for another year. For details, see the logbook when it is typed up.

The scene when we arrived at Expo Headquarters in the Potato Hut

I arrived just in time for the official dinner when we always throw the expo leader into the river. It was an easier chore this year than most.

Becka planned a ridiculous walk to the Ischler Hütte via top camp and the Schönberg (2093m) with all our caving gear in the sun. In spite of lots of water, covering up and it not being very hot, I appeared to get sunstroke, so Becka shuttled my pack for the last bit.

From the Ischler Hütte we went on a tour organized by the local cavers into Raucherkarhöhle. This is the 13th long cave system in the world, not many kilometres from our cave. Maybe we will connect into in 50 years time.

We don’t feel so bad about our little nail polish red spots given the size of the Austrian cave survey markers

Back at Base Camp, the wifi situation has improved.

The women don’t usually do the cooking in CUCC

We went canyonning down Strubklamm just near Salzburg. There were 10 of us. It took hours. When you have to wear stockings to prevent the chaffing, maybe it is time to get a new wetsuit.

Then I had to go caving again. This is the rock bridge at Holey Cow on the way to the far end of exploration in Kaninchenhohle accessed through Steinbruckenhohle after we had made the connection.

Cheesy photo on the Runnel Stone at the far end. Same place as last year. The trip took 15 hours: too long for me. I was so glad to get out. Only Becka had the energy to come down here the next day and the day after.

A sunny morning inside the top camp bivi under the stone bridge before I did some surface prospecting and then made my escape to base camp in the blistering sun.


  • 1. Mike Futrell replies at 22nd August 2012, 3:37 am :

    Oh dear, blogging on expo…. somewhere a passage is not getting surveyed. 😉
    Wishing everyone the best. Cheers.

  • 2. Martin replies at 22nd August 2012, 4:35 pm :

    Ironically the sign under the cave name says:

    Natural Monument, …, Destruction or alteration as will as unauthorized digging will be punished. The Federal Monuments Office.

    So are you authorized to dig, alter and join these monuments of nature?

  • 3. Freesteel&hellip replies at 9th May 2013, 2:50 pm :

    […] here. Or I could take your spare glider on my car so you can come some other way. For more colour, here are some pictures from last year’s expedition. Please get in […]

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