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Got in the air at last

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 11:44 am Written by:

The misery to flying ratio was reaching danger levels after the fourth night sleeping in the car at sub-zero temperatures on the airfield. It could have been the tail end of a mild cold, but I was getting into a black mood.

Anyhow, pulled out a nice flight in the end, which means I am no longer in the mood for grumbling.

There’s a great landing video on facebook here. (Anyone who knows how to rip it, send me details.)

Update: By the power of Download Flash and Video, here it is:

I had not expected to get this far.

Drove down to Airways airfield on Wednesday 28 November at lunchtime to get my new glider assembled. I was gratified to note that Anthony hadn’t got to the factory in time to rebrand it as Autodesk HSMWorks.

After a sleepless freezing night, did some winch flights on the Falcon training glider on Thursday to get some experience again (since last May) and learn about the harness that feels like a turtle suit.

There’s not much daylight, so flying for beginners stopped at three, which still gave enough time for instructor boy to have two aerotows to a thousand metres. Fortunately the cycle into town and chips cheered me up and set me up for the night.

Moving the trangia into the car to brew tea was the only way to warm up in the morning as the airways club house had run out of heating oil.

Friday was nil wind and foggy for the morning. In the afternoon my glider got its test flight by aerotow. There was so little breeze they didn’t risk it with the winch, but those that could tow marvelled at the amazing view of the fog filling the valleys, while I got rather cross.

I hadn’t intended to stay all the way to the weekend, and had to phone home to get permission. You don’t want me coming home this angry, do you? But there was scheduled to be more wind the next day.

It rained all night and the frost melted. The airfield was a bog in the morning and couldn’t be used.

Some other beginners turned up and a late plan to dash off to a hill site materialized. The instructor decided to send me along as I clearly could fly in spite of the limited scope to demonstrate it. It was first of December.

Here’s me coming in for the top landing, still wearing wellies from earlier in the day.

Interestingly, this was the hill I did my first soaring flight back in 1989 on an Atlas.

Bring on the spring.

In the meantime I’d better get doing some real work to make up for lost time then.

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