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Kayak caving in Wales

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 7:46 am Written by:

I am getting lots of programming work done. Honest. Just not having had a chance to write it up yet.

On Saturday 8 December we went on a lovely whitewater trip with Liverpool Canoe Club on the river Dee above Llangollen. We hired the boats from down on the docks and had thought only a few folks were booked to come, but 25 turned up, most of whom had their own boats.

They also all had drysuits, which made us feel that we were going to get mighty cold in our skinny wetsuits.

But the sun was bright and it all went very well. Even Becka, who used to squeak like a rat that had been stepped on at the thought of even slightly moving water, enjoyed it. You could watch the Santa Steam Train choot past when there were no rapids. The rapids themselves were as soft as snow. These new style flat bottom canoes are much better than the kind I used when I was at uni 20 years ago that were shaped like bananas and steered like a car with the steering wheel lock on.

We climbed out at Horseshoe Falls and walked round to the Serpent’s Tail to spectate the big boys running through the wild rapids. Some of the party took a detour on this river left side canal whilst we carried on forwards to the carpark at Mile End Mill on river right.

Unfortunately the canal party included the owner of the car that had our clothes in it, and they didn’t get retrieved for quite some time after dark. In fact it was long enough to get a lift to the top to fetch our own car, and gave us the unusual option of changing directly into our caving gear for the evening digging trip to ODB. Luckily Becka has gotten into the habit of putting the caving undersuits into the washing machine after every trip or this would have been quite disgusting.

We were a team of four, yet we shifted about forty sacks of dirt right from the end, including the sacks left by the previous digging team. Not much progress at the front aside from opening it out from its minuscule dimensions where it was uselessly worming into a too-narrow roof channel.

The late evening involved a take-away curry. Then a wheeler ride on the Sunday at which I was allowed to have the sticky toffee pudding with cream and an extra scone for afters at the mid-ride cafe break because I was still hungry.

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  • 1. Aaron replies at 5th January 2013, 8:05 pm :

    …okay, Wales can be
    amazingly beautiful—no
    wonder so many showed up…

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