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West Kirby kayak to Wales

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 9:19 am Written by:

Went out with Liverpool Canoe Club on Sunday 13 January in mill pond conditions from south of the West Kirby marine lake to Wales by going due south with the incoming tide. (North with the outgoing on the way back.)

No photos of the journey (just the start and the end), because we were paddling all the time.

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We both much prefer the scorpio to the capella which is too wide and feels like some yoga stress position for your knees if you put them in the proper place. It is more stable, though I appear to have dented its hull by parking it upright on the garage floor with the other canoe on top of it instead of on its side for a couple of months. Tits.

The most common perambulation in West Kirby is around the edge of the marine lake where it looks like people are walking on water. It started to sleet as we packed up. Went to a cafe, then went shopping in Morrison’s, then went home to warm up by the fire.

In Cambridge now. The sister’s missing cat has been found after having been locked in a shed about a block away for the last 10 days until it screamed loud enough to be heard from her back garden. We can celebrate with the Long Strong Black Pudding song.

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