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Nothing much happening

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 12:19 pm Written by:

So, it’s been a week since Becka left for China. Not a peep of news from her. I’ve taken to kipping in a sleeping bag underneath the duvet because it gets so cold at night. Nothing much else going on. She’s taken my camera with her, so not so easy to do snapshots. An awful lot of clearing up has been going on. I can now see the floor in the garage in most places. There’s even a designated corner for hanging up wet muddy things after a weekend. I worked out how to deal with the backlog of knackered drysuits — by cutting along their seams to flatten them out in anticipation of using the square metre-age of neoprene for insulating something.

The week of octopush playing was really hard work, especially the Manchester Octopush Tournament. As you can see from the results, we came back with a trophy. It’s a big beautifully carved wooden spoon. Apparently we’ve won it before, and the club managed to get it put on display in the glass cabinet in the university sport centre. You’ve got to look closely at the engraved word on the silver plate in the middle to know that it says “loser”.

That was Saturday. Sunday morning was a trip out to Rock Ferry to test out the club boats for the Easter Cornwall trip.

After making petrol smells all over the boat, nothing happened with the engine, so it was all a waste of time. Which was the point. We would have looked pretty stupid with a non-working boat in Penzance harbour.

There was quite a current flowing over this shallow slip and I accidentally fell off the side because the water was so cloudy. Luckily I scrambled back up before getting swept away and looking really stupid with no boat to rescue me.

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