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Another day another muddy dig

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 10:51 pm Written by:

Here is a photo from out new local breadshop, the Baltic Bakehouse, which has opened about 2 blocks down the hill from us.

How things change from when we first got to Liverpool and there was nothing but Sayers the Bakers.

Blogging is limited due to effort being expended on an internal blog on the Qontext system in an attempt to annoy people who don’t know how to make a good interactive web system.

At night when I can’t sleep (most nights) I oscillate between reading the Dean Baker blog Beat the Press and the Paul Krugman blog Conscience of a Liberal. The repetitive hammering on at the same points over and over and over again until somebody gets it is comforting.

I particularly like the way Baker regularly appeals to “fans of arithmetic”. The Autodesk pension advisor recently got onto my case and I tried going over the arithmetic of his figures with him, only to find a 10% discrepancy. He says he’ll get back to me next week. Doing the figures raised more fundamental questions about the deal, such as why is it reasonable for their fee to be a percentage of the total saved rather than related to growth? Otherwise they get paid almost exactly the same if they happen to lose money.

So on Saturday we went digging in Rift/Large Pot as usual. Becka was there. I took my old Olympus Tough camera (because my new one has still not been fixed) and it ran out of batteries before I could take any photos of the progress in the dig. This was explained by a 20 minute long video of the inside of the tackle sack after it had been accidentally switched on. So here’s some photos of muddy people afterwards from the phone.

We won’t talk too much about the most effective stance for operating the kayak bilge pump used to drain the dig, except to say that you sit in the water, grip it between your thighs, and young men can go at it for quite some time. It’s surprising it still works after so much silt and mud has been sucked through it.

Later that evening, back at Bull Pot Farm, there was a cake competition.

This was more popular than the more normal photo competition, because it’s possible to bake an amazing cake in any oven, it doesn’t have to be a good one, and all cakes are good. Well, except for some of them. Sam’s Full English Breakfast cake with fried mushroom icing didn’t go down well, so it’s not a real cake. My contribution was a szechuan pepper treacle cake. I didn’t get a chance to taste much of it because after I had sampled everyone else’s cakes I was too caked out and wanted to eat a cabbage.

The next day, having consumed no more than 1.75 pints of weak ale the night before, I had a hangover that lasted till 9pm. I was quite grumpy as I tried to get some programming done in the cafe in Ingleton while Becka went down Rift Pot again to finish surveying the Chism Trail. Now the survey is complete, except a few metres of dig at the end, and the connection from Low Douk Pot that is being slowly blasted by dynamite. (You can smell the fumes in Rift.)

Today I had planned an attempt to go flying at Llangollen. But after a night of worrying and thinking about the stuff I needed to get done I bottled it. Some folks had a good day, according to the forums. Oh well. I got to get this work stuff out of my system and make time.

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