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Above Loser now

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 at 8:53 pm Written by:

Well, I got there. To cloudbase above Loser during 2 and a half hours of flying. It was quite hazy, so the pics don’t come out. Maybe I need a helmet where you can see me smile.

Here’s take-off, with the camera pointing backwards.

Sometime in the middle of the flight.

And in the landing field heroically unhooking.

I love these wings. Even in rough air they’re silk. After 20 years (give or take a hiatus) I now believe I know what coring a thermal actually means.

Cloudbase was reached at 3k ASL after four attempts popping off from the north cliff of Loser, which was a good result given the AlpTherm prediction of the day:

Afterwards I was beat. And the ground was so hot that I just lay there in the field beside my lovely glider.

Same time tomorrow.

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