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A minor epic in Liverpool Bay

Saturday, November 30th, 2013 at 1:58 pm Written by:

There was a brief window of weather this week which was enough for three divers to get out on Cosmo’s boat on Thursday: Becka, me and someone much more competent than us with a rebreather from Ormskirk.

Although the sea was very calm, the visibility didn’t look good at an inshore site, so we moved off to the Wreck of the Counsellor in deeper water, and dived that.

It was black as midnight down there with barely 0.75m working visibility, so we came up pretty swiftly. Don’t waste risk; only do something dangerous if you’re getting something out of it.

My second tank was only a 10Litre, because my 12Litre was completely empty when I fetched it from the garage. Maybe something leaked. Fortunately this was meant to be a shallower dive, on the Wreck of the Speke, which, I was told, is on its side half buried in the sediment so you can go into its hold along the sea bed.

The anchor must have landed square in front of this opening, because we blundered away from it for quite some distance before we hit the wreck — from the inside!

Not good. According to the video footage, we were lost for 3 minutes, which is a very long time. While we got away with it, our margin for error was down to the width of a prawn’s antenna, because all it would take is a regulator snagged from your mouth by a bit of twisted metal or a exploding o-ring, and then we’d be toast.

There was a dredger at work on the channel, which might have accounted for the visibility.

Back in the harbour all the little boats piled into the lock following the usual delay waiting for tide to rise high enough to be over the sill. Everyone else had been out in the estuary fishing for cod. Becka challenged me to a game of “spot the female”. Not a single one among them. What is it about fishing and women?

Anyhow, that was enough excitement for one week.

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  • 1. Chris Beazer replies at 30th November 2013, 6:55 pm :

    I can understand your panic on finding nothing but ceiling and no sign of light at the end of the tunnel. A good reason for avoiding wreck diving in very low viz.
    Congratulations on getting out of it

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