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Minor election morning in Liverpool

Monday, December 16th, 2013 at 11:53 am Written by:

More important than charity work (aka filling in for the failures of political governance), there’s volunteer work for the electoral system. For some reason society believes that the business of placing options on the ballot sheet and publicizing what they mean is not something that needs to be done systematically and professionally, like, say, collecting the garbage.

So here we are at 6am on the morning of Thursday 5 December collecting our batches of get out the vote leaflets from the Green Party candidate who has been working this city council Riverside Ward for years.

Here’s the leaflet:

Unfortunately, most of these leaflets weren’t read and probably went to reminding Labour Party Club Supporters to get out and vote for their team, because they got 1055 out of 1488 votes (the Green Party got 144 votes).

I call the party a “club”, because it’s like a football club which you support on all of its matches in the hope that they win, like it really doesn’t matter what their policies are or which Russian billionaire tycoon owns them today.

Sadly, the number of supporters determines the number of players you can use, which means that the side with the popular policies and the intelligence can only lose by going out with only two players against a field of 70 morons and a mayor who cares so much about poor people that when his car got held up in traffic one morning he decided that it would be a good idea to abolish all the bus lanes. The council followed through by voting for it 67 against 9.

Here’s the mayor explaining the policy.

The bit about improving cycle routes at minute 4:58 as part of a “Greener City” is the most offensive part.

Meanwhile, from the 6am Green Party leaflet:

No to austerity cuts
The Green Party is the only national party opposed to the Tory/LibDem austerity policies which lead to vital services being cut and millions of people unemployed. We would make sure that the big corporations are paying their fair share of tax and scrap trident nuclear weapons.

If there’s one policy that can utterly distinguish parties, it’s the nuclear weapons issue. The inertia in politics is just breathtaking. Here we are 25 years after the end of the cold war with a weapons system that has no targets, no adversary to deter, no idea what it is defending or how it defends it, and the majority of in-power politicians still think it’s a sane idea — though just one or two are just coming to their senses.

I mean, how long did it take to stop investing in horse cavalry after the invention of the machine gun? Maybe not long, after they started getting mown down in use. The problem with the trident nuclear weapons system is it’s not actually used, so we can carry on with pushing this fiction long after it has become patently inoperable and seriously dangerous with no upside.

It really is not necessary to go on to any other political policy, because this one takes all the biscuits. If you can’t even considerconsider, let alone choose — the right way forward on such a big and simple thing, then you can pretty much abandon all hope for any other policies that relate to future calculations and present day investments.

Funny how these politicians seem to care about the possibility of a fictional threat from nuclear armed state emerging 30 or 40 years in the future in exactly the same form as they remembered from the Cold War without any plausible story about how that could be, when they can completely ignore the totally predictable causes and consequences of man-made global warming that have been documented in insane and irrefutable scientific detail.

And no, there will be no new nuclear military threat from Russia in the future. Why? Because now we get all our gas from Russia, which we didn’t before, and we have carefully aligned all our infrastructure to depend on it utterly. Russia can defeat the UK without a multi-billion weapons program, because all they require is a $5 spanner to shut off the supply.

We have completely lost our minds here.

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