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Fun in May

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 10:25 pm Written by:

Today is Saturday and I’ve stayed home to work while Becka went off caving and having fun.

I’ve got absolutely no useful work done. I spent the morning fussing over my photos on various external drives and went to town to print a batch of them. Then I swapped them around with the photos in the frames on the walls, having decided that such changes would bring some variety over the years in addition to seeing the paint progressively peel from the plaster as the walls dampen. Then I swept out the garage after piling all the knackered gear onto the shelves. And finally I pondered over the fact that google appears to have just put my whole 3D scanning project completely out of business. Why bother trying to do anything?

I need some fun. Last week my favourite radio show ThisIsHell aired an interview with someone who had written an article What’s the point if we can’t have fun.

I know what fun is. It involves being in Austria with a hang-glider. And, unlike work, if someone else has already done it, it does not imply that my time spent doing it is consequently wasted. Put into that perspective, I’m doing people a favour by not getting any work done. However, I now have a headache and I’m very annoyed.

The two places I want to go back to as soon as possible for hang-gliding are Greifenberg and Loser.

Here are the webcam images for both places today:

greifenbergwebcam loserwebcam

Here’s the alptherm view:

Not very promising really. But I want to get into the habit of looking at it so I can think about picking my days for booking the ferry, driving straight out there, and getting it done when there is an adequate weather window.

Let’s check the record for when flights at these places early in the year:


I got some waiting to do. And I had better get some work done in the meantime. Not going to happen tonight, though.

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