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Flight down to upside-down on Whernside

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 at 8:26 pm Written by:

Not cool! How did I end up holding my glider this way up in a bog at the foot of Whernside on Sunday?

This was my one and only chance to get Becka to help me carry up the hill on a day she had given up a very important caving trip.

That was on Saturday when there was no wind in the valley, but there was 40mph blowing on the ridge. So after carrying up, we went back down, got on our bikes and peddled around the hill in the anti-clockwise direction, first to Ribblehead into the wind, then on a long descent into Dent and a cup of tea, and finally an easy climb out into Kingsdale.

This season the lambs have numbers painted on them to remind them of their mothers.

After a night a Clive’s, we were back on the hill on Sunday having checked that the wind was now blowing straight down the valley at about 90 degrees to the forecast, and on the top of the hill it was about 20mph going along the ridge with a very narrow band just on the edge where it was going slightly up slope.

I found a knoll to take off from. I’m generally okay with take-offs.

Everything else went downhill when I failed to get anywhere close to the main ridge, kept drifting below the face, and then finally went for the landing field with the inexplicable belief that the wind was going anywhere other than perfectly parallel to the ridge.

The great thing about videos is you can replay your cock-ups over and over again. I think I must have fallen asleep, corrected for drift in the wrong direction due to confusion, and hit the ground running sideways, which never works well as I can’t run at 25mph. Nose down into the soft bog, glider on its side, and then it was blown slowly upside down as I unclipped. Humph. Pay attention next time!!!

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