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Spoilt brat bank holiday weekend

Friday, May 9th, 2014 at 8:13 am Written by:

Yes, I got away on Friday to Whernside again with someone from the hack space to help carry up. And again the wind was off to the north and I was not able to go up to reach the clouds. I went down after 40 minutes, then packed, carried all the way back up the hill and flew again for 20 minutes back down to the same boggy field. This made me very cross, after all that effort on such a perfect day when other more competent pilots would have had a whale of a time. My calves in particular were killing me from plodding up the grassy face of this hill twice with the packed glider on my shoulders.

After this I decided:

“That’s it. I really am driving to Austria to do this properly. And I don’t care if don’t have any friends and have to go on my own.”

Working on the principle that one should cycle or walk the route wherever one intends to fly, I walked the bike down the path to Barbondale from Bull Pot Farm and cycled around Middleton Fell. There were little lambs in the road and sheep on the walls.

Luckily for Sunday I had packed a wetsuit to go caving, because a group of us thought it would be a good idea to do the east branch of the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk as canyoning trip.

We all got to jump the pitches, bust our ear-drums, and use this as an excuse for bottling out of the highest take-offs like chickens.

Yes, I’m the gormless one with the mask. Can’t do canyons without one. It took a little longer than expected because we had been savouring the upper section for so long believing it to be shorter than it was. After four hours we were all pretty cold, and concluded that this was actually better than a few canyons we’ve done in the Alps. Would makes a fine training trip for novice canyoneers, because there’s always an escape route and it demonstrates how it’s different from doing a pull-through in Swinsto Pot. There are no jumps in caves. Why is it that with so many underground waterfalls, not one of them goes into a deep pool?

Anyways, I was cheered up after this surprising canyoning trip. On Monday, while Becka went caving, I walked from Clapham to Ingleton and had lunch in Bernies because there’s now an unofficial caving boycott of Inglerip — although I had to go in there for the internet and talk to work and hear the latest bugs. On Wednesday I got to look at some code that’s been subject to 20 years of parallel evolution, and on Thursday I visited Unlock Democracy in London to talk to them about election leaflets. I’m going to miss the election if I’m on holiday, eh?


  • 1. Julia replies at 10th May 2014, 3:48 pm :

    Sounds like a pretty decent weekend all round (although personally I couldn’t fancy lugging a glider up Whernside..). What’s Inglethief done to get boycotted?

  • 2. Julian replies at 12th May 2014, 6:33 pm :

    It should all be over the interwebs somewhere. They wouldn’t let someone off their shift go on a rescue call-out.

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