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Snow ramp clearing

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 6:55 pm Written by:

We drive all the way from England to the Loser Plateau only to find that the local Austrians had left their ramp full snow! Lucky we went up the hill early as it took me and Tom 2 hours and a borrowed snow shovel.
To be fair, it all fell in the last three days, after a winter of no snow, so it’s only come when nobody wanted it. Then the wind blew from the back until 2:30 pm, when it changed, and I took off.
Three hour flight with already very tired arms, just getting to grips with how to thermal properly. Landed on my face in the usual field behind Hilde’s. Time for bed now after one bier that the bar because Tom forgot to buy any in the supermarket on the way back.
One good thing, was my magic GPSSMS android app thing worked and successfully texted Tom with my position every 20 minutes when I was not too high. The secret function to make it work was WakeLock.

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