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May holiday accounts

Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at 11:43 pm Written by:

The trip back from Austria didn’t go quite so well. The alternator began to fail near Stuttgart, and we finally stopped at Zweibrucken when the exhaust got too noisy and fell apart.
The rescue by the local Autodienst adkaufmann was quick. After reconnecting the alternator (which had also mysteriously fallen off at the same time), we gave the car a push start and drove it round to their yard where the exhaust was welded back together. Unfortunately, the alternator was no longer charging and it was Saturday in Germany, so no car parts were going to be forthcoming till Monday. We were deposited into a hotel.
Zweibrucken was not very interesting, and our bikes were in the car. Tom read about the Felsen Wanderweg, so we caught the train to Rodalber and walked it, eventually finding the 40m deep sandstone cave.

The car repair bill was £300, and then another £250 back home in England to get the exhaust fully replaced as they’d completely knackered it. Additionally, the car has been deemed unacceptable by certain individuals who weren’t even on the trip, on the basis that nobody else’s car ever goes wrong like this, ever. (This isn’t true, but facts don’t matter.)

So, setting that business aside, here are the costs and benefits from my holiday.

There were 11 days available in Austria from 20 May to 30 May and I flew on 7 of them to clock up 16 wonderful hours and 31 minutes flying time over 9 flights.

We drove a total of 2600 miles and spent £300 on fuel. Ferries cost £110, highway tolls cost £40, food was £191, camping was £165, flight tickets, taxis and toll roads were £62, and I bought £26 worth of maps.

To cheer myself up, here is a short video of the climb out from my duel with the dual glider.

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