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Faint-hearted caver

Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 10:33 am Written by:

What’s been going on since I got back from Austria? Mostly working (for a change), washing up, catching up on stuff.

After 18 months of agitation, I organized a Simultaneous Satellite Tech Summit in AD and managed to get 3 other people to turn up. The Tech Summit is a single 2-day conference between lots of the AD developers that takes place once a year in a hotel where everyone is flown in on expenses. Many of the talks are streamed on-line, so I thought it was a pretty obvious idea to hold a group watching event between the developers in England who were not burning lots of carbon to cross the Atlantic. This enables us to meet and interact in our local halls as people claim they productively do when they go to the real Tech Summit. After all, it’s more useful to form collaborations between the offices in the same country because it costs hardly anything to move between them and work on joint stuff.

This proposal brought out all sorts of flimsy arguments against it about how face-to-face meetings are so much better for forming relationships that don’t take account of the fact that we are software developers. We’re quite good at working together when we can actually access the same source code, and it is often the case that when we do meet physically on a personal level we won’t like one another at all. Stop arguing, the managers said. It makes our ears hurt. But how are we supposed to change things without arguing? You’d think a company that employs so many computer programmers would have some sort of a handle on the psychology of computer programmers.

I am not going to comment on the ScraperWiki newsreader event I went to in London, because I don’t know what to say.


Anyways, that’s just work. At the weekend Becka decided that I should go caving down Newby Moss Pot on Ingleborough as it was one of the ones she had not yet done from her favourite book: Not for the Faint-Hearted: 50 harder caving trips in Yorkshire.

I can’t say I learnt my lesson, so much as I should say: suckered again! It’s just a midge-infested fleabag of a cave with tight squeezes that lead to nothing of interest. Against everyone’s recommendation, I did it in a wetsuit, which meant I fit through the tight bits a lot better than when I have rolls of PVC fabric around me hooking onto every bit of rock in those wormhole crawls.

That’s enough of that. While Becka went on a quick trip down Penyghent Pot, I did a cycle tour of some of the Dales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club sites over some of the region’s steepest passes.

I got everything from my waist down saturated with water walking up Cow Close Fell. I’m not sure any hang-gliders fly there due to the carry up and the bottom landing field in the valley being embarrassingly small. It looks like it would be harder work than Whernside. Whernside takes a SE-E, and Cow takes NNE-NE.


The other site I checked was Hawkswick which takes SW. This has a good track you could push a hand-truck up to the top and a good clean steep face to soar on.

I got tired of pushing my bike up the track and left it partly hidden in the bracken on the left. When I got back it was gone! Along with all my valuables in the pannier. That was a bad moment. I found it parked against the wall down by the main road. Not helpful.

I had no cream teas on the entire ride as there were none on the route. Becka and the others were already in the pub when I got back to the car in Horton.

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