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A dearth of data

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 10:42 am Written by:

Friday evening I made a visit to the Berlin Fab-Lab open day. They’ve got a heck of a lot of 3D printers in a small space. All kinds colours and materials, from brittle and hard to rubbery plastic. I think they also build their own kits. (I asked them if they’d heard of the Autodesk Spark, and they hadn’t. It’s great to be out in the big wide world!)
But just as they find in DoESLiverpool, the 2D laser cutter gets the most use, because we can design things in 2D for a fraction of the effort.

The weekend was blighted by a desperately bad headache which was entirely unlike a hang-over that confined me to a dark room. (Hang-overs tend to release at around 8pm the following day for me.)

On Sunday afternoon I started to do some work.

Firstly, I discovered that all my laser scanning data was lost on the Autodesk computer which I gave back last week for disposal, so I can’t work on that software till I get some more, probably by going to Bristol and making the device work again.

Then I discovered that almost all my temperature sequence data was also lost on that same computer — although I do have 6 days of records from some time last September before the cold weather properly set in and we got some actual useful data. Whether I can find it anywhere on an SD card, or I have to collect some data all over again with a new Arduino set-up of my own making will have to wait till I get home.

For convenience, I’m putting the maths of exponential decay curves into a separate blogpost.

Here’s a picture of some not very spooky pumpkins in the local supermarket.

Also, I spied a poster for the newly opened Happylab Salsburg. Might be one for a drop-in next expo.

Maybe these are like computer clubs were back in the 1970s. It’ll all make sense in hindsight one day.

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