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Quick Flight on Llan

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 1:08 am Written by:

Just when I thought it was over for the summer, there came a chance to go flying at Llangollen. It seems there are more hang-gliding conditions this year than kite-surfing conditions, which is not what I’d hoped.

The sun was low and blinding, and I couldn’t see anything through my dark glasses when I went into shade, and had to carry them the whole time in my mouth. This is my concerned face about to make a turn in close to the trees.
I briefly got to the top of the stack in very weak thermic activity, and then it got too crowded. Shapes would fly out of the sun and startle you with your complete inability to judge depth on a silhouette.
Second flight (cheap orange glasses instead of cheap dark glasses) had another hang-glider in the air. He went and landed on the hill at this point.
I hung around and spent ten uncomfortable minutes below take-off level until I was able to work my way back up to a sensible altitude to come in for my favourite kind of landing: an uneventful one.
I’ve gotten familiar with the wind-gradient here, so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Well that’s one way to cheer myself up after those US mid-term elections. It’s such a shame we have to share the same atmosphere and planet with them. If Americans want to teach their children that the world is 6000 years old, hand-guns make you safe, and two weeks annual holiday from a full-time job is a perfectly adequate way to live, then that’s their own problem. But this stuff is global.

Future historians are going to have their work cut out trying to understand where we went wrong, and why the very rich thought it would be such a good idea to mold human civilization in this particular direction, and why so many smart people took the money and helped them do it. It will take a lot of empathy from people a hundred years from now to really get under their skin in terms of understanding what was on our minds. But they might not care to do so, considering the irreparable damage that was knowingly caused by our generation for no gains. But it will be very important that they do so, because our mental and political flaws will be their mental and political flaws. The capability for some fiercesomely smart and effective organization for the implementation of total stupidity is not going to be bred out of us anytime soon.

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