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Neglecting to blog

Monday, April 27th, 2015 at 12:08 pm Written by:

Well, that’s partly because I don’t really know where I’m going at the moment. I do something, it half works, I move on to the next thing, and retain the knowledge without recording it properly.

For example, I’m still on the case of getting some sense out of those cheap £2 accelerometers whose capabilities exceed what I can program. Last week I attached one to the end of a 1.5m long spare aluminium upright and spun round on an office chair as someone timed my speed of revolution. The absolute value of centrifugal acceleration in addition and as a proportion of gravity was consistent with the calculations and within the margin of error. But there wasn’t really enough to write down in a post. When I can consistently calibrate the dip angle of the compass to the gravitational field, then I’ll write it up properly.

Over the weekend I was at MakerFaire in Newcastle, where loads of hack-space people filled out their already packed city science museum with even more exhibits and popup stands. Ten thousand screaming children came through the door. Oddly, I recognized the RoboChallenge kit there which I seen in Coventry in the Fusion360 room where it had been lonely and unused like some kit tossed in there to try and make AD look cool.


Becka got taught to solder a TVBGone by Mitch Altam. We first saw this gadget when we went to the 2007 Chaos Computer Congress in Berlin. I’d never knew I’d eventually be able to do electronics.

A bunch of other stuff happened, but at the back of my mind I was grumbling at missing the best day’s flying in Wales this year on Sunday. The week before I was so desperate to fly in Easterlies that I drove up to Yorkshire on my own at 6am, carried my glider half-way up Whernside, decided it was too windy, stomped back down in a huff, and then felt way too beaten up the next few days to do anything except mope around the house and mow the lawn.

Should just stop complaining. Towards the end of the week the Easter diving cheered up as the water cleared.



I stole some clips of myself from someone else with a gopro.


Becka had nicked the good torch for her caving trip to China, so I was stuck with two crappy torches with dim bulbs. The club did a dive on the Runnel Stone on the last day, driving the boats out of Penzance, before we went home.

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