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Plastic fantastic

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 at 5:17 pm Written by:

Over the last few months, well, since December, I’ve been producing an awful lot of plastic scrap from the UP! 3d printer we have here.

We had better find a way of recycling this soon. I’ve got my eye on the plastic injection moulding machine as a potential consumer.

Here’s the work bench of chaotic iterations of circuitry and boxes to contain the circuits.
To be clear, none of it does anything, except get data and log data to an SD card.

Occasionally it gets a short-circuit which crashes the microcontroller.

I now have two data logging devices. I am busy printing off further legs and hooks to glue onto the second black one on the right so it can be strapped onto another hang-glider, or to my hang-glider beside the primary device, which will mean that I have two sensor boxes measuring the same factors and coming up with wildly different results, thus proving that this kit isn’t as great as it appears.

Building stuff is a great way of putting off actually doing anything with the data. But once I am in Austria in a campsitte and away from DoESLiverpool and its tempting 3D printers, I won’t have the option to put it off anymore.

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