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January 2003

I took pictures and didn’t write about them.

We were caving in the Dordogne for New Year. There were donkeys. It rained. Everyone on the trip was living in one shared house, eating and drinking a lot.

donkeys jcave
comp lcave

We sneaked off for a dive holiday in the Red Sea at three days notice as the prices were dropping.

bcoral spotray
bsoft crocfish

Only three dives a day, but otherwise lovely. This is a squirrel fish.


We were for several days at The Brother’s islands out in the middle of the sea. There is a tall iron lighthouse. The four Egyptians who live there keep many cats, so it’s no use for birds.

lightup brothlight

My cheap underwater camera box worked well, contrary to expectations. Not that I take much notice of photographic equipment nerds. It’s enough to make me happy.

smfish shark
ladder sink

The weather had gone bad. After an epic six-hour thrash to the coast during which time people who claimed never to get sea-sick got ill, and most of us spent the day wishing we were dead, there was time for only one more dive. I made a movie of a free-swimming eel.

Later that month I caught a bus to Cologne to see my dad who was doing mathematics. This is its famous cathedral in which are stored the stolen bones of the Three Kings, a relic that Christians no longer feel confident about enough to go on pilgrimages to.

castlecoff dom

Julian Todd 26/10/2003.