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Kayak diving is probably the most under-rated sport in the UK. It’s cheap, hassle-free, and much more convenient than lugging around a huge and thirsty dive boat. We have just the right kind of coastline for pottering around in the zone between an unsatisfying shore-dive and a stressful trip out to the deep and stormy water to justify the use of a powered boat.

A kayak can take you several miles along a coastline to places where there is no easy access from land for divers and where you can enjoy a sensible, easy dive that is fun and which you have never done before. If it’s scary and you don’t want to dive, you don’t need to, because it’s a two-for-one, and you’re probably getting enough adventure with the paddling. When the weather gets really bad, you can leave your kit behind and go surfing, because that’s what these boats were originally designed for.

There’s only one thing wrong with kayak diving in the UK — not enough people are doing it, so there’s no one to go out with.Please join in if you can by getting some hard plastic sit-on-top kayaks (not the inflatable kind), some paddles, an anchor, and call us out on a trip some day.

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