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Online web interface has animation

Friday, April 7th, 2006 at 9:47 am Written by:

It’s a bit dodgy, but it appears to work. (Use the obvious “Animate” tickbox on the lower left once the machining is done.) Watch your memory use. We’ve had it consume an extra megabyte for every frame, even the ones on replay. That can polish off your RAM in under two minutes at four frames a second. Web-browsers were never designed for this sort of treatment. That’s the disadvantage with cutting edge experimental programming. Might work or it might not.

By the way, we’re hoping to go to Mach2006 for a day or so and hang about. If anyone going wants to chat, let us know. We’re looking for contacts in the tooling industry where the technologists have been making all these fancy cutters but still haven’t realized that there is no generally available software to make use of them. For example, Nachi Fujikoshi Corp in Japan has a fine selection of videos showing their well-twisted cutters chewing off metal along the sides, but every example shows it skimming off the shoulder of a straight-edge rectangular block. Why? I’ve been dropping emails asking what software they recommend for this style of cutting. I’m not getting much response. It’s either because they don’t have any software to recommend, they don’t want to encourage such software to be written, or the software perfectly well exists out there but they don’t like my email enough to respond to it.

Maybe minds are so company-centred that having a person contact them as a person is so weird we would do better to invent some shell-company in California and contact them as agents of that imaginary entity.

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